(Adopted January 24, 1985 – Modified February 18, 1998 and June 14, 2001)

Article I – Name

This organization will be known as the Baltimore Medical Engineers and Technicians Society (BMETS).


Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the Society is to provide a forum to enhance communication between and the technical education of it’s members.


Article III – Membership

                Section I – Qualification

The Executive Committee will review an approve each candidate’s application for membership. If the Executive Committee cannot unanimously approve a candidate’s application, it will be referred to the Membership Committee for final resolution. Approval by the Membership Committee will require only a simple majority of the committee.

                Section II – Classifications

A.    Regular – clinical engineers, biomedical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, or managers and supervisors employed by a hospital, educational institution, manufacturer, or shared service, and actively involved in the field of biomedical instrumentation or engineering.

B.    Student – full-time student in a clinical engineering, biomedical technology, or similar program.

C.    Retired – individuals who have been qualified for regular membership but are now retired from employment.

D.    Associate – individuals interested in joining the Society but not qualified for membership in another classification.

E.    BMET Associate – A new classification that allows individuals directly working with the field to participate in the areas defined by these bylaws. Example: Vendors with products directly dealing with clinical engineers, biomedical engineers, biomedical technicians, and Biomedical/Clinical engineering managers.

F.    Corporate – Any Hospital, Educational Institution, Equipment manufacturer, or Independent Service organization with more than one person to join.


Article IV – Voting

Only Regular, Corporate, and BMET Associate members may vote. Each Regular member, Corporate Membership, and BMET Associate member is entitled to one vote, which may be cast in person or by proxy. A quorum will consist of one-quarter (1/4) of the Regular members and BMET Associate members in good standing. Passage of voting issues will be by simple majority of those voting, unless otherwise indicated in these bylaws.


Article V – Meetings

                Section I – Notification

A notice will be mailed to each member at least fourteen (14) days prior to a meeting. It will include the date, time, and place of the meeting, along with notification of and issues expected to be discussed. The meeting notice for the Annual Election Meeting will include the slate of candidates from the Membership Committee, the annual dues, and a budget proposal from the Finance Committee.

                Section II – Schedule of Society Meetings

A.    Society Meetings – at least five meetings will be held between September and May.

B.    Annual Installation Meeting – will be in September. New officers will assume office at this meeting.

C.    Annual Election Meeting – will be in May. New officers will be elected and the annual budget and dues for the next year will be established at this meeting.

                Section III – Rules

Meetings will be conducted in accordance with the rules adopted by the Executive Committee.

                Section IV – Attendance

All Society meetings and events are open to all members. In the event that a RSVP is needed, members must respond 5 days prior to the meeting.


Article VI – Officers

                Section I – Election

A slate of candidates will be presented to the membership by the Membership Committee and included with the meeting notice for the Annual Election Meeting. Additional candidates may also be nominated by Regular Members from the floor and must be seconded by at least one other Regular Member. Officers are elected at the Annual Election Meeting and assume office at the Annual Installation Meeting. Outgoing officers will do their best to insure that there is an orderly transfer of duties to the incoming officers.

                Section II – Eligibility for Office

A.    Candidates for the office of President must be Regular members in good standing.

B.    Candidates for the office of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer must be Regular members, Corporate, or BMET Associate members in good standing.

C.     An officer may serve more than two (2) full consecutive terms in the same office, if and only if :

D.    The office has no candidate running for that position. And,

E.    The current officer agrees to continue on.

F.     A term of office greater than seven (7) months will be considered equivalent to a full term for the purpose of this provision. No one may hold more than one office at a time.

                Section III – Duties

A.    President – Presides at all Society meetings and all Executive Committee meetings. Is responsible for general management of the business affairs of the Society, including establishing ad hoc committees and appointing members as necessary. Serves as chairperson of the Membership Committee.

B.    Vice-President – Assumes the duties of the President when absent. Serves as chairperson of the Program Committee.

C.    Secretary – Records the minutes of all Society meetings and all executive Committee meetings. Is responsible for all notices, including meeting notices. Maintains the current membership roster. Serves as chairperson of the Newsletter Committee.

D.    Treasurer – Responsible for the collection and disbursement of all funds of the society, and for keeping accurate records of those funds. All funds disbursed by the Treasurer must be authorized by the President. The Treasurer will submit a statement of accounts at each Society business meeting. Serves as chairperson of the Finance Committee.

                Section IV – Vacancies

If an officer is unable to complete a term of office, the vacancy will be filled in a manner chosen by the remaining members of the Executive Committee. If this Committee decides that it is practical, an election to fill the vacancy will be held. In this case, the Membership Committee will be responsible for the nomination of the candidates.

                Section V – Recall of Officers

At any Society meeting, any Regular, BMET Associate, or Corporate member may introduce a motion to remove any officer from the office for reasons related to performance. Approval of this motion will require two-thirds (2/3) of the of the Regular Members and BMET Associate members present.


Article VII – Standing Committees

                Section I – Committee Duties

A.    Executive Committee – consists of the current officers of the society. It is responsible for the business activities of the society.

B.    Membership Committee – is composed of volunteers from the Regular, Corporate, and BMET Associate members and chaired by the President. The Membership Committee is responsible for soliciting and maintaining membership in the society. In addition, the Committee reviews any membership applications not unanimously accepted by the Executive Committee. The Committee is also responsible for nominating a slate of officers for the Annual Election Meeting. At the request of the Executive Committee, the Membership Committee will meet to nominate new officers to fill vacant officers.

C.    Program Committee – is composed of volunteers and chaired by the Vice-president. The Committee is responsible for providing all arrangements for programs at Society meetings.

D.    Finance Committee – is composed of volunteers and chaired by the Treasurer. The Committee is responsible for providing an annual budget and dues proposal for the fiscal year. (June 1 through May 31) for consideration at the Annual Election Meeting.

E.    Newsletter Committee – is composed of volunteers and chaired by the Secretary. The Committee is responsible for providing a Society newsletter, which is published at regular intervals.

                Section II – Committee Membership

Except for the Membership Committee, committee membership is open to any member. Regular, Corporate, and BMET Associate members may join the Membership Committee. If a committee has more than five (5) members, the committee chairperson may remove from the committee roster any committee member for reasons of inactivity. Inactivity is demonstrated by failure to attend two meetings in a row, or by failure to carry out reasonable assignments given by the committee chairperson. If a committee has more than twelve (12) members, the committee chairperson may restrict new membership. Any person removed from a committee is not eligible for re-appointment for a six-month period.


Article VIII – Finance

                Section I – Budget

An annual budget proposal will be prepared by the Finance Committee for consideration at the Annual Election Meeting. This proposal may be adopted as is, or amended by the membership prior to adoption.

                Section II – Dues

Annual dues will be set at the Annual Election Meeting. The dues will be recommended by the Finance Committee, based on the budget prepared. Dues for Regular, BMET Associate, and Associate members will be the same. Dues for Student and Retired Members may be no more than half of a Regular Member’s dues. Annual dues cover the membership period from October 1 through September 30. They are required for membership, and are not pro-rated or refundable. Any member whose dues are not current will not be allowed to attend a meeting, or receive the newsletter until those dues are paid.

                Section III – Unbudgeted Expenses

When desirable for the welfare of the Society, the Executive Committee may authorize the expenditure of unbudgeted amounts up to $100.00 without the approval of the membership. In an emergency, the Executive Committee may authorize the expenditure of any amounts necessary to maintain the financial health or existence of the Society without approval of the membership. The membership will be notified of any unbudgeted expenses at the next Society meeting, and through the Society newsletter.

                Section IV – Audited

An independent council prior to an incoming treasurer assuming office shall audit the financial account.


Article IX – Amendments and Revisions

Amendments or revisions to these bylaws must be submitted to the Executive Committee for inclusion in the agenda of the next Society meeting. Amendments or revisions require the approval by a simple majority of those voting.


Article X – Conditions of Disbandment

If any member should propose disbandment, notice will be given in the newsletter and all members will be given a chance to attend the meeting for disbandment. The vote will be a majority of the members who are present. Should the vote for disbandment be approved, it is the Executive Committee’s duty to plan a party for all current members and any remaining funds will be donated to a non-profit organization of the Executive Committee’s choice.